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Our lawyers constantly meet new challenges of modern time, extend and enhance our legal practice while our experience continues to grow.

Melnichuk’s Law Firm provides a wide range of legal services to its clients including the following services:

Legal business consulting

  • Contract law: writing contracts, amendments and additions under current contracts
  • Advising on contract law issues involving compliance with the legislation and customary business practices
  • Contract disputes: negotiating, executing, modifying and dissolving contracts
  • Representing clients in the contracts negotiation: agree to a contract, edit the contracts and make amendments
  • Expertise of proprietary ownership and limited property rights with the interest of the owner, buyer and pledgee
  • Validating property rights, identify grounds for challenging ownership, act in registry rectification cases
  • Privatization expertise of state and municipal property


  • Counseling on the Russian tax aspects
  • Tax legal due diligence
  • Assisting clients to resolve disputes with tax authorities and represent them before courts in respect of tax matters
  • Counseling clients on requirements issued by tax authorities (request for documents, tax disputes, ending of tax concessions, etc.)
  • Expert opinion on legal compliance of actions (idleness) or decisions delivered by tax authorities
  • Tax legal due diligence of business transactions including the development of contractual agreements with respect to tax consequences

Corporate law

  • Corporate procedures
  • Mergers, takeovers and acquisitions
  • Comprehensive legal due diligence of companies
  • Support of business buy/sell transactions
  • Company restructuring
  • Legal structuring of the existing business
  • Counteraction against hostile takeover of business

Copyright and Intellectual property

  • Legal protection of intellectual property
  • Trademark protection
  • Legal support of innovation activities

Real estate law

  • Legal support of real estate transactions
  • Consulting in land law issues
  • Legal support of the work related to investment into real estate

Customs Law

  • Counseling and defense in the matter of Customs compliance
  • Representation clients in disputes with Customs

Enforcement of Judgments and Legal Remedies

  • Representation recoverers and debtors in the course of law enforcement

Administrative Law

  • Representation clients in legal proceedings on administrative violations

Litigation and Appeals

  • Representation and advise clients who are or may become involved in a lawsuit or appeal as a result of a dispute in the state courts
  • Representation and advise clients who are or may become involved in a lawsuit or appeal as a result of a dispute in the arbitration courts

Our clients

High qualification of our bright employees, achievements in the legal support for companies’ business from various economy branches as well as adherence to professional ethics helped us to deserve confidence of such clients as:

  • The Moscow City Government
  • Bank of Moscow
  • OOO Coffee House. Espresso and Cappuccino Bar
  • The Moscow City Competition Policy Department
  • Prefectures of various municipal districts of Moscow
  • Moscow State University of Design and Technology
  • The Moscow Department of City Property
  • Moscow House of Books United Center
  • Yeliseevskiy Store
  • Voronezh Machine-Tool Building Plant
  • Ostrovnoy Fish Factory
  • ZAO MeTriS ILS (Integrated Logistics System)
  • ZAO Martin
  • OAO Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant
  • OAO Pervouralsk Tube Rolling Plant